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Go Virtual has recently delivered Denmark’s largest Supercomputer to Danish Technical University.

This is to be used for Bioinformatics by the Center for Bioinformatics and Sequencing. In a tender for 40M DKK CBS wanted a Supercomputer that could solve some of the world’s largest Life Science problems.

Data Center Housing Solution:

Go Virtual designed and delivered for hosting the Supercomputer:

  • 2x 15m Datacenter containers with state of the art air and liquid cooling
  • Each container 2 Expandable containers from DCC
  • Guaranteed 10 years warrenty
  • Raised floor with two water cooling circuits
  • Cold water 10-18 degrees
  • Warm-water up to 40 degrees
  • 500KW of power capacity
  • 500KW of cooling capacity – air and liquid cooling
  • In-row cooling racks for air cooled equipment
  • State of the art fire extinguishing equipment and sensors to detect any possible problems and leaks.
  • First container contains the cluster
  • Second container contains the Storage cluster


Supercomputer solution:

With CBS’s specific need Go Virtual designed the following solution:

  • Compute Nodes: 540 HP XL230
  • 128GB, 2x E5-2683v3 Intel processor each with 14 cores at  2,0 GHz
  • Fat Nodes: 27 HP DL560
  • 1TB, 4x E5-4610v2 Intel processors each 8  2,3 GHz cores
  • Head Nodes: 2 Hewlett Packard DL560

1TB, 4x E5-4610v2 Intel processors each 8  2,3 GHz cores and redundant shared storage

  • 16048 with a theoretical performance of 548TF #121 on T500
  • 96 TB of extremely fast memory in total 569 servers.
  • 2
  • Cluster Network solution:

    With CBS’s requirements in mind GoVirtual designed and delivered following Mellanox Infiniband interconnect solution:

  • 3
  • Storage Solution

    With CBS’s needs for an Enterprise storage solution Go Virtual designed a solution from EMC:

    Storage Solution- EMC Isilon +50GB/s

    Primary Site

    • 50 Storage nodes (X400)
      • 600 cores
      • 50 GB/  aggregate bandwidth
      • 1200 GB global cache
      • 150 SSDs
      • 3PB of usable highly available storage (1650 spindles)
      • 1PB Tape library backup – Main site

      Secondary Site

      • 11 NL400 nodes
      • 3PB secondary storage array (async replication over 50km)
      • 1PB Tape library backup HP MSL6480

      Storage Software

      • Backup Networker
      • Snapshots

      Storage replication

      EMC Software:

      • InsightIQ
      • SmartConnect
      • SnapshotIQ
      • SyncIQ
      • SmartQuota
      • 4
      • Supercomputer Software Solution:

        Cluster Management solution

        Bright Cluster Management

        Cluster Monitoring Solution

        Workload Management:

        MOAB Enterprise

        HP SIM tools

        IRS – HP automatic notification system

        HP monitoring tools

        HP SW deployment Tools

      • GoVirtual builds the first Bioinformatics Cloud Solution on top of the Cluster:

        Meeting CBS’s requirements GoVirtual and HP has designed and are in the process of building a cloud environment on top of the HPC cluster:

      • This will enable CBS’s users to share the cluster in the following way:
      • The CBS system will have a large larges cluster pool running standard jobs as in a more traditional HPC cluster. But additionally higher level users can purchase and size an environment as sub clusters with CBS’s software tools which will be living on the system as needed. I will be totally logically/physically separated from other users without any overhead of server virtualization. The environment will be flexible in size and can be expanded if needed both on the server and storage side. End users will be accountable for their usage and have to pay for the usage.This Enterprise solution is unique and nothing like this has been built before.


Here is a short presentation of what his done in the past:

The last 8 years as a solutions architect at HP designing solutions for HPC, Hadoop, High Available Linux Applications, HP-UX, CMU and also database solutions SAP HANA, Vertica and Oracle.
I have been working with Unix/Linux system the last 25 years with focus on performance at Digital/Compaq/HP.

AT HP I have been working together with Go Virtual on large deals therefore it was a natural step to join Go Virtual.

We wish him welcome, and hope he will enjoy working with us.

The Top500 list was announced in November, 2014, in New Orleans at the Supercomputing conference. Go Virtual has in close collaboration with our customers and partners sold and delivered two new systems during the last six months which have been qualified for the Top500. The new systems are:

Rank 121 – “Computerome” Center for Biological Sequence Analysis – DTU

The system is based on the HP Apollo 6000 XL230a and consists of 540 compute servers providing a Theoretical Peak (Rpeak) of 483.84  TFLOPS.

Rank 383 – Volvo Car Group

The system is based on the HP Cluster Platform 3000 and HP Proliant DL380p and consists of 456 compute servers providing a Theoretical Peak (Rpeak) of 204.3 TFLOPS.

Read more on www.top500.org


Greetings from all of us at Go Virtual!julgranskula_gron

Faranggis_BagheriWe are pleased to introduce our new colleague Faranggis Bagheri to the software team:

I am a 31 years old female from Iran. I got my B. Sc.’s degree in mechanicalengineering in Iran and continued with the M.Sc.’s degree in the same field in Sweden. I worked around half a year for Epsilon AB as a calculation engineer at transmission group of Scania and then around 3,5 years at FS Dynamics AB as a CFD engineer. At FS Dynamics I had the opportunity to perform CFD simulations for different industries and work with different CFD software programs. I am looking forward to the new challenges in my new roll at GoVirtual.


April 24, 08.30-13.00

Keep your HPC knowledge up to date by visiting this HPC Seminar and learn about the latest products from Intel, HP, Mellanox and NICE. Take the opportunity to meet others working with CAE/HPC. We will start the day at Go Virtual´s facilities in Göteborg with a breakfast and wrap it up with a

The seminar is free of charge!

Register by reply to this email or by sending an e-mail to info@govirtual.se as soon as possible due to limited seats or latest at the 22 Of April. If you have special food requirements, notify when registering.

Please direct any questions to Staffan Hansson +46 730 699829 or

Ulf Grimsand +46 730 699821

On the Agenda

- Go Virtual – Product Portfolio Update

- HP Product Update, (NDA needs to be signed)

- Efficient Cluster Management – HP Insight CMU

- Intel RoadMap Update – Introduction to the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor (Code name Haswell), (NDA needs to be signed)

- Mellanox Product Update – EDR infiniband, (NDA needs to be signed)

- Nice Software – EnginFrame & DCV

The speakers are also available for private discussions after the seminar.

Go Virtual is Hewlett-Packard´s (HP´s) dedicated High
Performance Computing and CAE partner in the Nordic countries










Ulf Grimsand has 25+ years of experience from the IT-industry and has held a variety of roles in sales, marketing and operational management.  He was most recently Business Development Executive at Computer Sciences Corporation, responsible for developing large scale business within the global industries in Sweden in the areas of outsourcing, management consulting and systems integration.

Prior to joining Computer Sciences Corporation, Ulf served as Sales Executive at Saab Combitech Network, responsible for develop and close new business.

Previously, he spent three years at Nicator Data as Account Manager and ten years at Digital Equipment Corporation in various roles in sales, marketing, operational and services management.

Ulf has a good understanding of companies’ business dynamics and the ability to produce value propositions to new business demands.